Best of the Burghosphere 2015

designed by Amanda Narcisi BOLD Pittsburgh Chief Editor
designed by Amanda Narcisi
BOLD Pittsburgh
Chief Editor

Most Wanted Fine Art is pleased to team up with Pittsburgh Bloggers to acknowledge and honor the contributions of bloggers through Pittsburgh’s blogosphere (aka “Burghosphere”) with an awards ceremony that also pays tribute to our love for all lists Top Ten.

Whether blogging is an art, craft or off-shoot of journalism, it is a labor of love and creativity that infuses our lives with new ideas and an unparalled opportunity to engage (and sometimes, outrage) our community. To be a blogger is to be among the best. There is no ranking, no competition and no criteria. The act of blogging is all that is required.

“The Best of The Burghosphere”, an awards ceremony to honor the creative bloggers in the region. The official Awards presentations will be on Friday, November 20, 2015 at 7pm 21+. Celebrate the 2015 ‘Best of the Burghosphere’ bloggers with Rockbottom beer, refreshments by Sweet Peaches and more. Proceeds benefitting the MWFA Resident Artists project. Sunday, November 22, 2015 at 1pm we host a family friendly celebration.

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Participating Blogs Include:

note: awards are listed as the blog links are submitted. please check back throughout the day for more awards!

Green Grandma nominated by Steel City Intrigue as:

Steel City Intrigue nominated by Burgh Blog as:

Burgh Blog nominated by Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents as:

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents nominated by Most Wanted Fine Art as

LJSkool nominated by West of Mars as:

West of Mars nominated by Bold Pittsburgh as:

Bold Pittsburgh nominated by Thought in Mind as:

Thought in Mind nominated by Pittsburgh Art Car as:

Downtown Pittsburgh Life nominated by Lil Burghers as:

Lil Burghers nominated by Ledcat from PIttsburgh Lesbian Correspondents as:

Your Critter Sitters nominated by Ya Jagoff as:

Ya Jagoff nominated by Red Pen Mama as:

Red Pen Mama nominated by Cerebral Overload as:

Cerebral Overload nominated by Green Grandma as:

Breaking Burgh nominated by Boo’s Insane and Inane Ramblings as:

Boo’s Insane and Inane Ramblings nominated by Melissa Firman as:

Melissa Firman nominated by The Steel Trap as:

The Steel Trap nominated Melissa Firman as:

The Steel Trap nominated Community Matters as:

Community Matters was nominated by Sean’s Ramblings as:

Sean’s Ramblings was nominated by Downtown Pittsburgh Life as:

Thomas C. Waters blog was nominated by Wende Writes as:

Thomas C. Waters blog was also nominated by Isn’t That Grad as:

Wende Writes was nominated by Thomas C. Waters as:

Isn’t That Grad was nominated by Steel City Mom as:

Steel City Mom was nominated by Breaking Burgh as:

Follow the Best of the #Burghosphere bloggers on Twitter! Subscribe to this official Twitter list:


Join us for UNBLURRED: The Art of Blogging group exhibit

Friday, November 6 at Most Wanted Fine Art in Garfield. This exhibit will be on display throughout November and includes some of our #Burghosphere participants.

Best of the Burghosphere Celebrations will held in November 2015. One will be a 21+ event and the other will be a family-friendly event which affirms the contributions of the whole family to the blog! Celebrations will include awards, activities, music and more. Attendance at the celebration is optional, of course.

How to get involved

  • Make a note to read the participating blogs starting on Sunday, November 1, 2015.
  • Volunteer for the ‘Best of’ celebrations – we need help with everything from set-up to face painting and more.
  • Donate some cookies for our #Burghosphere cookie table.
  • Purchase a limited edition #Burghosphere tee shirt (unisex and women’s cuts available)

Learn more in person about The Best of the Burghosphere during The First Friday Unblurred Gallery Crawl.

The nominations have been made and the ballots are being cast! We can’t wait to see you at the event to see the wondrous categories, give out awards to our city and internet neighbors, and enjoy libations and entertainment on Nov 20 & Nov 22!

Participation in Best of the Burghosphere (How does it work?):

You should be a blogger or regular social media user who has a platform to create content (FB counts as long as you’ll make the post public.)

  1. Participants will be randomly assigned another blog. You will have six weeks to familiarize yourself with that blog and its content. It will not necessarily be a reciprocal assignment – your blog may be assigned to a third person and so forth. This depends upon luck of the draw.
  2. Your job is to create an interesting blog category award for your assigned blog, keeping in mind the nature of their blog and good humor. For example, if you were assigned to, you might come up with “Blogger Most Likely To Take Photographs in a Parking Lot.” If you were assigned to Burgh Baby, you might suggest “Blogger Most Likely to Decorate a Tree for Easter/Memorial Day and Halloween.” And if you were assigned to Melissa Firman’s blog, you might describe her as “Best One Direction Mommy Blogger” as a wink and nod to her daughter’s fandom. You can have fun and be a little outrageous or satirical, but please keep good humor in mind. We’ll ask you to submit your category suggestion to our panel of esteemed judges in mid-October so we can weed out duplicates and register the awards.
  3. You will compose a blog post paying tribute to your assigned blog and publish it on Sunday, November 1, 2015 to kick off National Blogging Month. The post can be as lengthy or concise as you prefer. We’ll ask that you include at least one link to the assigned blog to show them some love.
  4. On November 1 or soon thereafter, you read away and enjoy the fun.


Is there a fee to participate? There is no fee to participate in the awards. The events will have a modest cover charge with proceeds going to benefit the MWFA ‘Resident Artist’ program. Official ‘Best of the Burghosphere’ tee shirts will be available for a donation.

My blog is really small and not updated very often. Am I eligible? Yes! This is a celebration of blogs, not a competition. We think every blog is part of what makes the burghosphere so wonderful. Size doesn’t matter, Google Analystics data doesn’t matter, and no one will check how many Instagram followers you have. We hope this project exposes you to all sorts of new blogs and inspires you to create content.

I’m not great at coming up with creative award titles. ??? Our panel of expert judges will be available to advise you if you come up short on an awesome title. Again, it is about you and what you take away from your assigned blog, not a competition to have the hippest award category. We may even have a prize for the most un-hip category! Seriously, don’t let this stress you. What’s important is that you make time to read your assigned blog and give the content some thought. That’s one of our goals.

Does family friendly event mean I can bring the kids and my partner/spouse? Yes! We recognize that blogs are often family projects. We know your kids sacrifice so you can blog and we also know that they inspire your content. We want to celebrate moms, dads, parents, caretakers, and more. So the family-friendly event will welcome children and youth as well as have kid-friendly activities on hand. We know that one event can’t meet everyone’s needs – so we decided to have two events. You are welcome at both.

Please direct any further questions to