2015 #MostWantedArtist Residency


Organized by MWFA Co-Owner, Nina Sauer, the #MostWantedArtists program provides a platform for diverse voices to be seen and heard. Often financial barriers and lack of support can snuff out artistic vision and talent before it has even a chance of coming to fruition. The resident artist program provides that important network of support, along with experience and expertise to help the artist reach the next level. From there they are able to begin to secure other funding and support based off the relationships they have built and the past successes.

2015 #PghMostWanted #MostWantedArtists

Anqwenique Wingfield






Anqenique Wingfield is an extremely versatile vocalist and teaching artist specializing in opera, classical music, jazz and soul. Anqwenique has performed lead operatic roles such as Magda Sorel of Carl Menotti’s “The Consul” and Hanna Glawari of Franz Lehar’s “The Merry Widow” and Zerlina of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Voice Performance from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In 2011 she was chosen as a resident artist of JAZZSPACW,  an organization that aims to support emerging jazz artists in Pittsburgh. Anqwenique is also the founder and director of Pittsburgh based artist collective “Groove Aesthetic” and cofounder of the “Nouveau Noir Vocal Ensemble”. As a teaching artist, Anqwenique has shared her talents and experience awith many young singers and musicians in Pittsburgh. She currently works as a teaching artist for Hope Academy for Music and the Arts, Gateway to the Arts and Opera Theater Pittsburgh.

Liana Martina Maneese


twitter:  @Lboogiepgh  @adopidentity



tumblr: adoptingidentity.tumblr.com

Adopting Identity believes that education through dialogue with those different than ourselves, we can begin to transform perspectives on identity. Adopting Identity facilitates conversations on race, gender and class intersectionality with those who may not have been exposed to or had a safe space to explore their own questions. Adopting Identity’s intentions are to give people the language and compassion to love each other and not simply seek to tolerate those different than us. Their goal is to liberate the unheard, specifically, the voices of adopted and bi-racial people and their families.

Sue Kerr


Facebook.com/pghlesbian  Twitter @pghlesbian24

Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr @pghlesbian

Sue is a social worker by day and crusading LGBTQ blogger by night. A Pittsburgh native, she has a BA in Political Science from MarymountUniversity and a MSW from the University of Pittsburgh. She’s exploring how blogging as an art form can serve a tool for social justice. Her blog, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, is the region’s longest running LGBTQ blog and she is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, The Bilerico Project and BlogHer. She enjoys tutoring people who want to learn how to use social media tools and also creates content for several local businesses and organization. She andher partner, Ledcat, live on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

Njaimeh Njie

njaimehnjie.comTwitter, Instagram: en_jay_me.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/njaimeh.njie

Njaimeh Njie is a multimedia producer. She freelances as a videographer, photographer, and writer, working with individuals and organizations focused on social justice and cultural enrichment. Beyond her creative work Njaimeh is an educator, an experienced solo traveler, and the founder/curator of a film series, Pop Up Premieres. Her ultimate goal is to use her work to bridge the gap(s) between art, education, and technology to build stronger, more connected, and more innovative communities.

Genevieve E.T. Barbee Collection of The AP


Twitter: @apcollector; Instagram @theapcollection; ello: @apcollector; facebookm.com/theapcollection 

Genevieve Elizabeth Theresa Barbee has lived and created paintings in Pittsburgh since 2003. Originally from the Hampton Roads area in Southeastern Virginia, she attended college at Carnegie Mellon University. Barbee fell in love with Pittsburgh after riding the 54C into the South Side and looking out the window at the stars, realizing she couldn’t tell the difference between them and the lights of little houses along the city’s signature hills. She never seen anything more beautiful and decided to stay after graduating with a BFA in Art in 2007. Barbee worked a lot of interesting jobs and met a ton of fascinating people since then and her love for this area grows by the day. Now, Genevieve makes art and podcasts and place them on apcollector.net (a.k.a her tiny corner of the internet). Her goal is to build a creative and energetic collection of art and stories in and about Pittsburgh and the people who live in it (that doesn’t include pictures of pierogis or references to sports).

Brian Cottington



Twitter @BrianCottington, Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/bcottington


Brian Cottington has always been fascinated by the process of filmmaking.  It is the perfect distillation between science, art, literature, and theater.  The ability to reach people and pull them away from reality for a brief moment and induct them into the world of the film has been his driving force as filmmaker.  His films have always existed in the realm of entertainment, stimulating the imagination and offer audiences a window into their dreams and nightmares.

Nick Noir

Facebook: nicknoir or theeyesoftheoracle

Etsy: the eyes of the oracle

Instagram: the eyes of the oracle

Twitter: nick noir

“I am the spirit, I am the portal, I am The Eyes of the Oracle”

The Eyes of the Oracle is a cultivated artistic expression that has been Invisioned by spirit! Nick Noir is a vessel for which spirit comes through with a message, a 3rd generation spiritualist & tarot reader! In his art you will see the expression of many sides of spiritual practices & beliefs! He uses natural earth made found objects as medium like; tree branches, oak moss, crystals & jute rope! He pairs these natural gifts from nature with his own spiritual knowledge of occult based symbols and spirit interaction, to create a magical message for mind body & spirit to enjoy!

Dale Capellanio

Dale Capellanio has been an artist for over twenty years, with having a broad range of talents and experiences from painting to puppetry. He has academic training in two fields, a BFA from Green Mountain College and a BS in special effects from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Both have helped Dale grow as a well-rounded artist. Having knowledge and experience in so many different aspects of art, Dale finds joy in being asked to imagine or create something that has never been seen before. He is a very visual person, and takes inspiration from everything he sees. His imagination truly fuels all of his art, whether it’s sculpting a creature, painting an abstract landscape, or making a one-of-a-kind pair of goggles. He loves being able to find creative outlets in whatever he does. Dale Capellanio will always be an artist; that’s who he is.


Jessica Winter Franklin and The Second Shift Crafters


SECOND SHIFT CRAFTERS was formed in the fall of 2014 by a renegade group of gals who don’t believe in limits.  JESSICA WINTER-FRANKLIN is an industry expert in Human Resources, Business Development, and Marketing. Her experience in business ranges from global manufacturing, software development and providers, the music industry, to her current gig in online retail at ModCloth. Using her Communications and Theater background, she started in Marketing and Event Planning in California and moved into HR on the east coast, also working in Europe, Canada, and the UK.  A specialist in Talent Management and Organizational Development, she helps companies engage their employees and foster an environment of motivation and openness.  Jessica is also on the Board of The Hollywood Theater, and generally hustles about town for different galleries and organizations, but SSC is her heart. Growing up in a family of artists, creativity was always afoot, and imagination ran rampant.  Crafting and costuming have always been her creative outlets, and SSC is the perfect blend of her professional and creative worlds.

 Darnell Chambers

Born 1988 in San Diego, California, raised in Akron, Oh, and currently residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Darnell Chambers aspires to inspire African American culture through art. Chambers studied Media Arts and Animation at the renowned Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2006. There, he absorbed a broader knowledge of the act and process of imparting life, spirit and motion to drawing. Recognizing the importance of having a strong online presence, Chambers later studied Web Design and Interactive Media, where he graduated with skill in design, photography, and web development. Influenced early in childhood by Sunday morning comic strips, like the Boondocks, Garfield, Get Fuzzy, and Zits, Chambers later became fond of artist such as Jean-Michael Basqiuat, CBabi Bayoc, Wangechi Mutu, and Gordon Parks. With self-dominance, Chambers empowers to conjoin the later with his personal assessment of social equality, historic relevance, and appliance of pure talent.

Danielle Robinson





Danielle Robinson works in any medium and makes whatever feels right to her. She is not just a painter, she also sculpts and does photography to combine all of her artistic talents to create pieces that stand alone. She has worked with other artists and musicians in the Pittsburgh area, such as: Ricardo Iamuuri, Joy Kmt, Phat Man Dee, Vie Boheme, Jacquea Mae, Blak Rapp MADUSA, Miguel Sague III (of Guaracha Latin Dance Band) and Ziggy Sawdust, to name a few.

Heather Froman 




Heather Kamanu’iu Froman started out working in traditional watercolor painting in 2002.  Since then, she has experimented with mixed media, digital design, product design, and illustration. She holds a Post Baccalaureate in Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Allegheny College. Her work is on display at the Meadville Fine Arts Gallery, in Meadville, PA, and she has shown at the Glass Growers Gallery in Erie, PA.  She also has a painting that was purchased for Allegheny College’s permanent collection. She received a Doane Prize for Art in 2008.

Donnie Toomer


Donnie Toomer is a Pittsburgh area artist whom hails from Savannah, Georgia. Having earned a BFA in Printmaking and Book Arts from the University of Georgia, his current modes of expression include Aerosols, Encaustics, Printmaking, and Assemblages from recycled and found objects. He is an active member of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, is Vice President of the Pittsburgh Printmaking Group, and is the head of Art All Night’s OnSite Art Auction. Donnie’s work challenges accepted notions of personal perspective and self-identification by turning a microscope on the substance of introspection.

Mario Ashkar




Mario Ashkar is a multimedia artist who specializes in film, verse, paper and photography. Combining a background in writing and languages with a long-time affinity for traditional animation and early film techniques,​ Mario Ashkar seeks to find the poetic rhythm that underlies all individual projects and considers every frame that goes into a completed work. Collaboration is an integral part of Mario Ashar Film (MAF) and all projects are selected and developed carefully. Since 2008 MAF has worked with various artists and community leaders such as Hélène Renaut, Pet Clinic, Massage Parlour, Light the Knight, Avi Diamond, Wise Blood, Alaska, Mathilda Longfellow, and themoonbaby. Other collaborators include Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, The Pillow Project, TEDx, and UPMC. MAF is always accepting new project ideas.

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Pa Winery Tours Celebrating the Pittsburgh region's abundant locally-owned wineries!  A portion of the proceeds goes toward Most Wanted Fine Art Resident Artist Program (#MostWantedArtists) is a community engagement strategy supported by Most Wanted Fine Art and The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation.
Pa Winery Tours
Celebrating the Pittsburgh region’s abundant locally-owned wineries!
A portion of the proceeds goes toward Most Wanted Fine Art Resident Artist Program (#MostWantedArtists) is a community engagement strategy supported by Most Wanted Fine Art and The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation.