#MostWantedArtists an artist residency project

The #MostWantedArtists program provides a platform for diverse voices to be seen and heard. Often financial barriers and lack of support can snuff out artistic vision and talent before it has even a chance of coming to fruition. The resident artist program provides that important network of support, along with experience and expertise to help the artist reach the next level. From there they are able to begin to secure other funding and support based off the relationships they have built and the past successes.

The program started in 2014 and active in over 24 artists lives with the support of The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation. We assist with grant writing, advertising, insurance, art management, and other support services.  We have helped secure more than $75,000 in foundation support for Artists and their projects.

Who are the artists?

Cafe Con Leche 2016 Latino Artist Residency

Artists who Joined the team in 2015

Artists who joined the team in 2014

Some notable achievements, programs, & community engagement created by Most Wanted Fine Art Resident Artists:


Boom Concepts

Power(Ed) by Grace

Adopting Identity

Second Shift Crafters

Atrocity Exhibit 

Best of the Burghosphere which honors Pittsburgh Bloggers with an award ceremony.

Blogger Art Show

MWFA Pop Up at The Waterfront

The Battle of the Rust Belt Artist at Waterloo Arts Festival where we take Pittsburgh Artists to Cleveland to compete in acts of live art.

Cafe con Leche which spawned its own residency with in a residency where we are supporting 10 Latino Artists from Pittsburgh and beyond March – August 2016

Murals. We started with a monthly stage mural collaboration which featured artists Dale Capellanio, Dante Lombardi and Kai Devenitch. It has now bloomed into murals all around the city.

Mozelle Thompson Retrospective

Artistic Vision: Penn Avenue Eyewear  photos of the artists 


and we are still working towards Art City USA.




2014 #MostWantedArtists in NYC for Maker Faire
2014 #MostWantedArtists in NYC for Maker Faire