MWFA is building a new green facility in Garfield

Dear Friends,

We celebrated 10 years on Penn Ave in 2016 and are excited to announce that we have plans to expand and continue on in Garfield for another decade or more. In order to house all our programs and projects we are building a new larger green facility on a piece of property we have owned for the past 5 years. We fondly refer to it as “Rowdy Park” and it currently is where we work on art cars & sculptures. It is located at 5217 HillCrest Street, PGH PA 15224, across from Healcrest Farms near the Gator staircase in Garfield.

This new facility will be fully handicap accessible, and present more as a maker space with a car garage for classes, sculpture studio, mono print shop, and outdoor event space with a sculpture garden. There will be an emphasis on renewable and green practices and it will be located near the new Garfield green zone initiative areas.

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that to facilitate this move we will have to sell the 5015 Penn Ave building. Lisa Gasperoni at Howard Hanna will handle the sale of the building and the price is based on current market rates.

We have had some amazing memories in the 5015 Penn Ave space and it is heart wrenching to plan this move but we know that it is needed to build a long-term future for Most Wanted Fine Art in Garfield.

It is important for us to be accessible for all and something we have always valued. The fact that the gallery and our living area wasn’t handicapped accessible was becoming a professional and personal sticking point. After pricing options to create that sort of accessibility it became clear that it would be better to utilize the property we already owned and build a custom space that would fit all the variety of projects and their needs that we work on. We are nervous and excited for this new phase. The best programming will continue in the new space including art shows, pop up dinners, community service, poetry, and more. We hope to have the building built before the end of 2017. In the meantime we have pop up events scheduled both in the 5015 Penn Ave space until it is sold and other locations both on Penn Ave and through out Pittsburgh.


Jason, Nina & Rowdy Sauer

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Architectural drawing of new building site.
Architectural drawing of new building site.







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